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Age Limit: 6 months and above upto 70 years.

Policy is to be taken prior to departure from India.

Medical Reports are required for:

Trip is for period over 60 days and if

insured person is over 60 yrs of age visiting USA/Canada
insured is over 70 yrs of age and visiting countries other than USA/Canada.

Proposal reveals that insured had suffered from/suffering from any illness/disease.

The Proposal Form should be accompanied with (1) ECG printout with report and (2) Fasting blood Sugar and Urine Sugar, Urine Strip Test Report or any other medical report required by the company etc. along with the attached questionnaire II (B) to be completed and signed by the Doctor with minimum M. D. qualification conducting the test.

How to claim?

In case of any claim please contact AMERICAN ASSIST TRAVEL SERVICES at the following emergency centers worldwide:


Major Exclusion

All pre-existing disease/illnesses are not covered (known and unknown).

Traveling against Medical advice or for Medical treatment including routine check-up.

First USD 100 of all claims are to be borne by the traveller.

Please refer to Policy for further details.

Note :  Policy details given are indicative, not exhaustive.  Please  contact us

Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Note:  Policy details given are indicative, not exhaustive.  Please contact us


Premium payable in Rupees and Claims settled abroad in foreign Currency.Policy available for frequent corporate travelers


Medical expenses incurred by the insured persons, outside India as a direct result of bodily injuries caused or sickness or disease contracted are covered.

Following Plans are available: